Smart Transportation

Regulate, manage and control the flow of traffic


Vehicle Detection, Analytics and Classification’s vehicle detection- Algizmi 2.1 & 2.2, works in a similar pattern like human detection. However, this system is most feature-full and cost effective. This system helps in regulating traffic and assist managers in managing and controlling traffic/ pedestrian flow. This system is viable for traffic planning and preventing incidents.

  • Monitors live traffic
  • Assistance in real-time decisions
  • Classification of vehicles: initial and deep
  • Vehicle count and volume for traffic congestion management
  • Detection of anomalies and incidents in real-time
  • Automatic License Plate/Tag Recognition (ALPR)- by which accurate recognition of vehicle can assist city, state, county and federal governments

Automatic License Plate/Tag Recognition (ALPR)

This system, Algizmi 2.3, works in assistance with the vehicle detection system. Yet, as an independent system, it can be utilized by managers or at security checkpoints which are concerned with the security at the entrance and exit. It can easily identify standard and non-standard plate, assisting in identifying stolen vehicles. It can also:

  • Read and recognize plates of 200 different countries
  • Potentially works in real-world conditions
  • Access control- cut down on human resource
  • Identification of vehicular pattern, alert and analysis
  • ALPR analysis providing real-time vehicular security access

Parking Management has the ability to identify vacant slots in parking areas using the existing camera infrastructure or aerial/drone feeds. This provision of real-time information can assist parking facility managers to advise the drivers and consequently, properly plan and manage the parking facility.