Events at the sir syed university of engineering & technology marked its presence at the Startup Demonstration for Public Awareness, organized at “Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi” on 6th November 2020. The Honorable Minister of Information Technology & Telecom, Mr. Syed Amin ul Haque, graced the event with his presence. He showed keen interest in the technology presented by and commended the innovation and dedication of the team.

Annual dinner 20 at the Monal

Feels like yesterday that we were only 5 members in the team and now we’re 40. It’s all due to the hard work and innovative mindset as core ingredients to bring out the best possible AI solutions for our clients. It was a great gathering for the Annual Dinner at the Monal, with the hopes that everybody is charged up for 2021 to bring in more successful ventures.
#innovation #ai #artificialintelligence #machinelearning #leadership #work #like #mindset #management #transformation #culture signs contract with TASKK Enterprises

Traffic analytics have emerged as a vital constituent for efficient planning and development. Relying on the very same concept, proudly shares the signing of a contract with a renowned traffic consultancy company, TASKK Enterprises, for which will facilitate the traffic count and classification for increased efficiency.

The contract was signed at the office of TASKK Enterprises by the CEO of the company Dr. Kamran and the CFO of, Mr. Muhammad Shakir Mahmood. The COO also graced the event with his presence and discussed the future scope of work and further engagements.

Welcoming Jazz as our commercial collaborator has already been a part of the Jazz Xlr8 programme but now, is overly delighted to share that it has collaborated with Jazz for future commercial engagements and looks forward to work with them to make technology in Pakistan reach new heights.

Kick Off 2020- Q1 Townhall

A successful company takes its employees in confidence, in all circumstances. With the first contract of 2020 rolling in, the management found this as the best opportunity to speak with the employees and update them about what the company is heading to. Fortunately, the townhall landed as the most appropriate opportunity to gather all the employees, impart the updates and celebrate together. With the precedent being set, team met at the Rawalpindi Food Street  for its second townhall, where they not only received all the updates, but also rejoiced on the bonus announcement.

The management, comprising of the CFO Muhammad Shakir, the COO Adeel Saeed Chaudry, CTO Dr. Hasan Sajid and the CCO Husnain Saeed spoke with the team and shared the news with them.