Industrial Automation

Leveraging the power of AI to automate industries across the spectrum

Logistics Management

Our logistics management solutions enable businesses to keep track of their inventory including the quantity and weight along with optimising the logistics fleets and their operations. We are able to accurately track and control pilferage for logistics.

Attendance Management

Our AI deployed with multiple industries is able to cater to the attendance management needs of regardless of scale. With over 99% accuracy and speed, our attendance management solutions can track face, safety equipment and even temperature of employees in a workplace. Our lite version is capable of deployment using a smartphone or a tablet for small and medium enterprises. 

Object counting

Object counting with weight integration on an assembly line is a solution being offered to multiple industries to track their output, logistics and reduce pilferage through automation and a live dashboard for the management to monitor updates. 

Quality control and inspection

Our custom AI can detect unto 35 defects on fabric for quality control and inspection in textile. We are also able to detect and count metal detection in fabric or finished product for export purposes. 

Based on the requirements we are able to create customised solutions for our clients. 

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