Financial technology

Making financial inclusion a priority through our proprietary ai powered solutions

Asaan, the fintech bot has created a fintech bot that automates the entire value chain around lending, digital banking and regtech. By doing so, we increase operational efficiency of Microfinance banks, fintech startups and traditional banks. Our first deployment is underway and will improve operational efficiency from 45 days of manual work to 4 days of automation to approve a Microfinance loan. 

Smart Kiosk

More than 50% of Pakistan’s population is unbanked. This is mainly due to a majority of our population not having access to bank branches or not having smartphones to effectively operate digital banking operators. This is where our smart kiosk comes in that reduces the cost of setting up a bank branch by more than 95% and is easily deployable in remote areas across Pakistan that can offer banking services to the underserved communities. 

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