Bacha finder launched

It was an emotional connection since its inception and seeing it turn into reality is immensely heart touching. Roshni Helpline, an NGO that works to find missing children, has successfully launched the Bacha Finder app in a press conference on Friday, November 20, 2020, in collaboration with The app helps to lodge missing child cases and help locate already lodged cases to bring them back home. Mr. Adeel Chaudry from was present at the event along with Syed Hasban, to share the accomplishment that will serve as a milestone in making Pakistan a secure land for children. Read more at:  #ai #collaboration #event #share #artificialintelligence #pakistan warmly welcomes the new CEO of the company

CEO is the leader of the company and is vital to take the company forward. His skills and passion should be reflected in the team and the work he does, hence he is accredited with the title. is delighted to announce the appointment of Mr. Adeel Saeed Chaudry as the new CEO of the company. His work reflects the intention and passion he possesses for the company. His vast experience in the IT sector is a treasure to the company and aspires to grow under his leadership.

The charge of his duties is effective from March 1, 2020. We at wish him luck and hope for leaps and bouns of success under his leadership. meets COO of VEON at NIC Pakistan

On 20th February, 2020, had the privilege to showcase its capabilities and potential to Sergi Herrero, COO of VEON, the parent company of Jazz. Our core team, consisting of the CEO, COO, CFO and Director of Embedded team met with him at NIC Islamabad and discussed the scope of technology in the global arena. Mr. Herrero took keen interest in the product line and gave suggestions for future engagements.

STech.Ai Collaborates With RO Plant has closed its deal with RO Plant with shared efforts by our partner Digital Links and looks forward to deliver better than what has been committed. RO Plant is a unique water purification mechanism that required’s assistance on their HR end.

Read more about RO Plant on their website: is delighted to engage with such institutions that make living worth living!

Digital Youth Summit ‘19, Peshawar believes that every employee of the company is a corporate asset and has to be taken along the growth process. The company is nothing without the motivated and eager employee bank. To involve the employees into the formal discussions and make them aware of the company’s current status and future prospects, a townhall was set up on September 23,2019 at the company’s meeting room.

The CEO of the company shared valuable details on how the company is expected to grow and motivated the staff members by highlighting their importance in the company. The members of the fraternity not only were an active participant in the discussions but also enjoyed flavorful food alongside.